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Modern Battlefront Op Airport


Blow back of your covert operations is right here in your cities. Enemy forces are on rampage, Mercenaries are having a shooting range practice on civilians everywhere, our fields, parks, malls, airports all are under attacks of terrorists. This game gives you are chance to stand out in history. These terrorist have occupied this civilian airport and are heavily guarding to land more of their helping mercenaries. Before they get more of the mercenaries and commit more savages terrorist attacks. Finish them.Time has arrived to be the lone hero who defends his people against aggression of terrorists. Kill the killers and Save the nations. Airport terminal under attack is located at vast areas, civilian aeroplanes are there with huge building of airport. Your mission to clear all the airport terminal, including the landing and departure areas, airplanes with concourses. Dont miss the walkways, sky-bridges where some terrorists may be hanging around.
Game Outline
- Civilian Airport terminal building- raging terrorist mercenaries- realistic action adventure- terrorist hostage situation
Game Play
- Use joystick to move around- use shoot button to aim, it will shoot automatically- clear the whole airport terminal building step by step- cleverly design mission to clear the airport building
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